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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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cuban president fidel castr. following a massive open air mass in havana. a historic hand shake on a historic visit. the pope viced castro in cuba. good afternoon. >> chris martinez is live in havana. chris, it seemed like the hundreds of thousands were not just excited just to see a pope but this pope? >> reporter: that is right. many of them are not catholic but the fact that he is a spanish speaker and from a latin country it spoke to them. what is important to them, some
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of them calling it life changing. [singing] >> reporter: before an audience of hundreds of thousands he delivered a sunday morning mass in front of havana square. his message centered on serving people not ideas. >> i ask you to care for the location of yours, carry for the gifts that god has given you. >> reporter: many waited for hours in heat to catch a glimpse of the vote. this sister had a chance to greet him. [speaking in spanish] >> it was a beautiful experience to meet him to hug and receive his blessing. >> reporter: after mass he had the meeting many were anticipating. he met privately with fidel castro at his home. he talked about the environment and other world issues. >> the pope was very happy about this meeting. some of the members of the family of fidel were present. and the conversation was informal and familiar. >> reporter: the holy father
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met with fidel's brother. raul castro and others. they believe the pope may inspire cubans to join the church again. >> he is not super official. he is very -- human that is the best of the pope. >> reporter: and a short time ago the pope delivered a second mass here and met with a large group of young people. he told that group it is very important to put differences aside to work together. a message perhaps more aimed at u.s. and cuban leaders. we are live, back to you. >> kres, -- chris, not everyone was happy to see the pope. many had to be removed after running up to him? >> reporter: that is right. we saw a small group of protesters this morning before the mas that were running towards where he was coming down to greet people in his pope mobile.
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some were flowing flyers. they were taken away. we are hearing report its of how many were arrested and no word on the charges or what was on those flyers. >> all right, chris martinez, chris, thank you. in san francisco, archbishop blessed 150 catholics who are making the pilgrimage. on wednesday they will attend the mass for california missionary. the pope will arrive in the u.s. on tuesday. he will spend 2 days in washington before heading to new york city on thursday. he will spend the weekend philadelphia before departing for roam next sunday. >> crews were working around- the-clock trying to contain two wildfires burning in monterey county right now. burning out of hand last night. the fire was the smaller of the two. 95 acres burned. the flames are 95% contained. another fire was different, one
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person was killed and one continued to burn out of control. the last update, the fire 10% contained. people have been told to get out of the area. now 10 homes have been destroyed in that fire and a lot of roads destroyed. it is not helping. many people around the fire it is reported the temperatures warmed up 10 degrees. it will be warm again tomorrow. it is still hot up by clear lake. temperatures there, 92 degrees for monday with winds up to 20 miles an hour and low humidity. >> and the valley fire has turned into one of the state's biggest catastrophe. cal fire says it is the 6th most damaging wild fire in history. here is the latest. the number of homes reached
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888. cal fire says that number can still rise. the flames are 53% contained today. highway 29 reopened. more than a week after the fire broke out evacuees are just returning home to assess the damage. mark kelly spent the day with a family who lost everything. >> reporter: the evacuation order was finally lifted. as you can tell from the line of cars folks eager to get back and see their homes. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> reporter: for this family no home to return to. >> it is devastating. hard to imagine, still. >> reporter: his family lived here since he was six years old. this is their first time seeing in person that their three story home is now just a foundation. >> all of my memories everything were in the house. this is my neighborhood, all of my friends grew up here. it is devastating. >> reporter: the wildfire hit the community of hidden valley
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hard. school psychiatrist has been volunteering to go house to house helping to rebuild broken souls. >> letting them know that if is days, weeks, months, however long there will be support to get them through this time. >> reporter: jessica hopes they open up. >> they need to go through it and talk about it and that is when the healing will begin. >> reporter: dylan is opening up. for him it is not so much in his bedroom or losing the place he called home for 16 years what he will really miss are his two dogs. >> it will be awhile before we can get over the loss of the pets. >> in hidden valley lake, back to you. >> with residents returning the centers are starting to clear out. there are 750 evacuation members there, down from 1,000. the county is looking for long- term housing for people who
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lost their homes. including hotels and rvs and a plan to house some of the displaced residents at twin pikes casino. on a hot day, a tweet treat is helping out fire victims. today there was a fundraiser. every penny they earned is affected by the valley fire. long lines showed up, eager to upon help. >> my son is a firefighter. he is out there fighting the fires right now. he told me they were raising money for middletown i had to come in and sup port them. >> people made extra donations, the owner says they raised well over $2,000 today. if you would like to help the fire victims cash donations are best. give to the red cross on-line or by phone and text red cross at 99099 for a $10 donation. there is good news.
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along with hundreds of structures that were burned down, 70,000 acre fire is now 70% contained tonight. returning residents are warned to watch unstable trees and the power lines. >> and still to come, another gop candidate under fire for a controversial comment and this time it was not donald trump. >> i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. >> plus, why fiorina is surging in the polls. the temperatures were up. warming. we look towards mount deablo.
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a gop candidate is under fire for a controversial statement about muslims, this time it was not donald trump. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation, i would not agree with that. >> reporter: that is ben carson who described islamic faith as inconsistent with the
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constitution but did not specify why. >> congress is a different story. depends on who that muslim is and what the policies are. >> reporter: his comments come on the heals of this. [indiscernible] >> it is called muslims we know our current president is one, you know he is not even american. >> donald trump did not correct the member in a town hall. >> [indiscernible] >> kpix consultant said trump and carson are fueling the flames on purpose. >> that is the way the game is played right now. >> all about name recognition and fund-raising with a conservative base. >> that is how they get their name out there without paying for advertising. >> reporter: trump kept at it when asked how he would feel if a muslim became president? >> i don't know if we have to address it right now.
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it is something that could happen. >> you had no problem putting a muslim in there. >> some people said it already, frankly. >> carson believes the president is both american and christian. >> i have no reason to doubt what he says. >> carson caught the wrath of islamic relations that says we call on ouring nation's political leaders across the spectrum to repudiate these statements and for mr. carson to withdrawal from the presidential race. >> right now there are two lawmakers serving in congress who identify as muslim. meanwhile, cnn's first post debate poll shows a big shake down on the upon top of the republican race, fiorina rocketed in second place on the heels of another strong performance. the cnn poll shows 52% of republicans declared her the
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winner. she gained points for her strong stance on issues like defunding planned parenthood. >> this is about the character of our nation. if we will not stand up and force president barack obama to veto this bill, shame on him. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump and carson are down in the polls following wednesday night's match up. i was so dehydrated my muscles started to break down. >> this teen athlete said his apple watch saved his ,,,,,,,,
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a high school football player is crediting his apple watch for saving his life. >> i tested my heart rate on it. two hours after the practice ended. >> paul howell checked his heart rate after feeling back, chest and back pains, he was rushed to the hospital in the beginning stages of failure. he is now recovering. it turns out he might just get a job out of the ordeal. >> when i answered hello, my name is tim cook, the ceo of apple. >> did your heart rate go up? >> yes. definitely. >> he offered him a new iphone and an internship at apple next summer. back here in the bay area the heat is a problem as well. 6 people have been take ento the hospital after suffering heat exhaustion at the wine festival yesterday. temperatures were in the triple digits by the late afternoon. today the city set up cooling
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tents to help people stay hydrated and healthy. >> there is a little bit more difficult than expected. today we are taking care of it. >> it looked like the cooling tents did the trick. no reports of heat-related illness at the festival today. thank goodness. we are all saying it was supposed to be hot. check me on this. not a surprise, right? >> yes. we knew. >> yes. we wanted to make sure. it was a hot weekend. it will be hot right into monday. the temperatures today, in excess of 100 degrees, east bay, that is why there is a heat advisory posted through 8:00 tonight. warm nights tonight for the bay area. the sea breeze, however, will slowly return. cooling down. on tuesday especially. but be sure to check on pets and theelerly. hot out there. air quality suffering today. a spare the -- pets and the
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elderly. hot out there. air quality suffering today. and as we look at the temperatures around the bay area right now. 98 degrees in concord, livermore, 100 degrees, san francisco, look at that, 84 as we approach 6:00 tonight. santa rosa, 98. humidity very low. there is relief in sight with cooling on tuesday. as high pressure still is over the pressure tomorrow it will cool down a little bit as fog and low clouds return. everyone will cool down by tuesday. temperatures in the 80s. with a return of fog to the shoreline. as we look at the future cast, the idea of what should be happening tomorrow, look at the fog return to the district in san francisco. 7:00 in the morning, verifies the coastline will cool tomorrow. inland will paul in suit on tuesday. cooling off by tuesday and mild rest of the week. now, the rest of the area,
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looking over the numbers, it will be warmer than average. concord, 98, san skwroes a94, oakland, 87 degrees. tomorrow, bay area middle 90s again. -- san jose at 94, oak land, 87 degrees. tomorrow, bay area middle 90s again. now, it will be plenty warm at walnut creek and the north bay tomorrow, numbers in the midel to low 90s. and by the fire the valley fire, the numbers are still plenty warm, in the 90s. as we look at the extended forecast, warm again tomorrow, not as warm. on tuesday, the numbers collapse. good. temperatures coming back 15 to 20 degrees. middle 60s, on wednesday, thursday, friday. keeping it back in the 70s.
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now, as for the bay area sports team ... i am not sure but this guy is. >> yes, keeps going up and down for the locals, can the 49ers have a good ,,,,,,
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in one of the most thrilling games of nfl sunday,
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joe flaco got into a shootout. the raiders quarterback had the last bullet in his chamber. now, he is good on this throw. 68 yarder. cooper, going over 100 yards. the rookie forward, touchdown, 7-0 raiders. now, they were burned by cincinnati tight end last week. more of the same for the tight end. now, gilmore. two touchdowns, tied the game at 17 in the second quarter. it was 23-20 raiders. now, rolls it out, throws it across. michael crab tree. he went over 100 yards. the raiders led by 10. 7 point raider lead in the 4th. now, scoring a 7 yard touchdown, the game is tied at 30. baltimore raps up 93 yards of offense. he had a chance to be a hero. he throws in the heavy coverage. now, this leads to a go ahead
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feeling. now, raiders down. throwing it down in the red zone. the past picked off again. now, he gets called for holding. carr gets a second time. that is roberts, the touchdown, 37-33 and they win by that score, career high, 351 yards passing for carr. that is along with 3 touchdowns. >> and that was one heck of an effort. i saw a lot of examples of guys emptying their buckets. >> after last week, you know t is easy for guys to say, here we go again. we didn't, not that way anymore. now, the steelers are not
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the vikings. now, 15 minutes from where he grew up from here, ben roethlisberger, now, 8 off of the bat. rough day for san francisco secondary. now, ben, going to brown. eric gets it. a lousy angle. and, he is knocked out-of- bounds, steelers scoring on a williams touchdown to make it 16-3. much different story for big ben. time to stand in the pocket. 35, the former raider, now, 22- 3 pittsburgh later in the second quarter. now, now on the loose ball. now, he went to ohio state again. now, at this point, 43-18.
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they are 1-1. >> we are a football team. last week we will say it again this week. >> they played a better game than that. more prepared. ben put them in good position. good spots. you know, they took a hit. >> more of the team in game 1. tonight, or today we did not play our best football. i think everyone knows that. for us we need to regroup for next week. >> this guy, beating the heat. he is swimming in the cove. now, bottom of the 6th, giants are leading 1-0. posey, way back, way back, way back and you can tell it good-bye. 19th homer. giants win 5-1 and avoid the sweep. now, houston, berry got it. not the reunion he wanted here.
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2-1 homer to colby to make it 5- 1 astros in the 8th. the second home run of the game. he pitches an inning. the first game in oakland. houston one 5-1. jason day continues to dominate the pga tour. the championship, day led wire to wire. now, going for a tap, the birdie. winning it. now, his 4th win in 6 turn managementments, he overtakes rory -- 6 tournament. he overtakes rory. now,. we have 5 laps to go in nascar. denny ham lynn, jeff gordon, kurt busch for the lead going on to win the race for the lead and take over first place in the point standings. play off in golf and nascar. way to go for football. fun for the raiders. >> we are just two weeks in.
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>> glor: francis and fidel, the pope meets cuba's former president and the current one as the u.s. awaits a big arrival this week. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. will up the number of refugees allowed in. >> i am a real person. >> glor: hillary clinton defends herself against criticism she's out of touch. >> good morning, everybody. >> glor: and sunday school with jimmy carter. the overwhelming support for a former president following his cancer diagnosis. it was history in havana today as pope francis met with fidel castro and celebrated mass in revolution square, whe t


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